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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions with our response. Click the question to reveal the response.

If your question is not listed, please contact us toll free at 800-972-2747 or 812-422-4751, or use our convenient online contact form:

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  • How do I obtain a copy of my credit report?
    Go to the website www.annualcreditreport.com to receive a free copy of your credit report from all three agencies. You may also visit Credit Bureau Information under our Resources Tab to get the information on all three credit bureaus.
  • Why can’t I get information about my account online?
    Protecting your privacy is our top concern. Due to privacy regulations, we must be able to identify the person to whom we are releasing the requested information.
  • Why is your company listed on my Credit Report?
    Please contact us by phone at 800-972-2747 or 812-422-4751 or by mail at PO Box 5469, Evansville, IN 47716 to obtain this information. Have your account number available and an account representative will be glad to help you resolve this issue.
  • How do I dispute a bill?
    To dispute your account, please send a letter stating your dispute to our office at PO Box 5469, Evansville, IN 47716. You may also contact an account representative at our office to help resolve any questions you may have at 800-972-2747or 812-422-4751. If you would like to submit the information online, we can begin to update our records but will require direct contact authorization to complete the process. Due to confidentiality and security, we do not respond to general email. If you have a question, please contact us directly.
  • What if I am working with an attorney?
    If you are represented by an attorney, please provide that information to us and we will contact your attorney to resolve your account(s). For more information, please contact us at 800-972-2747or 812-422-4751.
  • What if I have filed bankruptcy?
    Please contact us immediately with your bankruptcy information so we can update our records accordingly. If you are being represented by a bankruptcy attorney please provide this information also.
  • How can I make a compliment or complaint regarding the way I have been treated?
    It is our mission to treat every consumer with courtesy and respect. If you feel we have done a great job or are not satisfied, please call toll free at 800-972-2747 or locally at 812-422-4751 to speak with a customer service representative. Due to confidentiality and security, we do not respond to general email. If you have a question, please contact us directly.
  • What if I believe my insurance should have paid this bill?
    Please contact our office and speak with one of our representatives. We can assist you in understanding what insurance has paid or not and what steps to take to resolve the issue.